Marketplace Delisting

If a user decides to remove their NFT listing from the marketplace, they can delist it at any time. Delisting may occur for various reasons, such as the item being sold elsewhere or the creator's decision to retain ownership. Delisting ensures flexibility and control over the availability of NFTs on the marketplace.

In Libera, users are afforded the flexibility and control to manage their NFT collections with ease. When it comes to delisting items, whether it's an entire collection or individual tokens, Libera prioritises user autonomy and convenience. Users have the option to delist entire collections if they no longer wish to showcase or trade them on the platform. This process allows users to efficiently manage their digital assets, providing a streamlined way to remove entire collections from public view or trading availability.

Delisting on Libera may result from publishers failing to adhere to community and publisher guidelines. This action ensures alignment with Libera's standards and principles. By enforcing guidelines, Libera maintains the integrity of its platform, safeguarding user interests and upholding a vibrant and trustworthy ecosystem.

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