Animal Roaming Mechanism

In Harvest Valley, animals can only be fed water and food inside barns using water and feeding troughs, respectively. They graze outside, boosting energy levels, but return to barns at night for safety. Players fill troughs with hay or corn flour. Fences limit grazing areas, with animals unable to wander beyond.

  • Animals can be fed water and food only inside the coops or barns but not outside.They can be fed using water troughs for water and feeding troughs for food.

  • For outside, animals can graze the grass and leaves

  • Grazing outside also increases the energy meter of animals.

  • Animals prefer roaming throughout the day.

  • The energy meter of animals are shown, in case of low energy meter players are notified and they can further feed them.

  • During the night, all the animals return to their barns and coops after which the player must close the doors for safety.

  • Players shouldn’t worry about feeding or providing water to animals when they are outside, they can fill water troughs and feeding troughs can be filled with hay, corn flour which ensures animals are properly fed and taken care of.

  • Players can build fences to enclose the area where animals can graze.

  • Animals cannot wander beyond the designated areas.

  • Animals can automatically exit through the door if the door is opened.

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