In Harvest Valley, the bustling trade hubs of the Supermarket and Blacksmith serve as the foundations of the in-game economy, offering players a wide range of products and services to enhance their farming and adventuring experiences.

The Supermarket, or simply the shop facilitates you with a wide selection of items. Find essential seeds for cultivating crops, or superior seeds to take your farm to the next level. You can also find various fruits as well as fishes in the shop. Get tools to help you farm such as a hoe, or for fishing like a fishing rod. The Supermarket is a great place for players to find all their basic necessities.

The Blacksmith in Harvest Valley is there to attend to all your crafting needs. Of course you can craft tools yourself, but the blacksmith will have tools readily available for players to use. Browse weapons to purchase or take the tools and weapons that you own to the Blacksmith for upgrading and maintenance.

Together, the Supermarket and Blacksmith serve to provide players with essential resources and tools to thrive in the world of farming and adventure provided by Harvest Valley.


  1. Supermarket: Seeds, fruits, fish, tools

  2. Blacksmith: Weapons, tool upgrading/maintenance

  3. Transactions in gold coins

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