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Launching an NFT collection on Libera is an exciting process that requires easy planning and execution. After creating and connecting your wallet to Libera, here are the essential steps to consider when launching your NFT collection:

Step 1: Create NFT Collection:

Initiate the creation process for your NFT collection, outlining its theme, concept, and overall vision.

Step 2: Deploy the Contract:

After filling in the necessary details, deploy the smart contract for your NFT collection, ensuring that it aligns with the desired specifications and standards.

Step 3: Update Details:

Customise and refine all relevant details of your NFT collection, including its profile, cover image, description, royalty fees, metadata, and additional settings such as mint start date and time, stages of mint, and presale options.

  1. Collection Details: Specify the collection's name, description, blockchain, payment tokens, and other pertinent information.

  2. Graphics: Upload cover images and preview images to enhance the collection's visual appeal.

  3. Links: Include links to social channels and websites to provide further context and engagement opportunities.

  4. Royalty: Set royalty fees and designate the payout address for creators to receive earnings from the collection.

  5. Metadata: Upload a diverse range of files within the collection using metadata options.

  6. Settings: Configure minting start date and time, minting stages, and presale options to optimise the launch process.

Step 4: Access the Collection:

Once created, access your NFT collection on the Collection Page within your user profile, where you can manage, monitor, and showcase your collection to the Libera community.

By following these steps, creators can successfully launch their NFT collections on Libera, leveraging its robust infrastructure and user-friendly interface to engage with audiences and drive success in the digital marketplace.

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