In Harvest Valley, cooking offers a rich variety of culinary delights, from simple comforts like Fried Eggs and Pancakes to elaborate feasts like Complete Breakfast and Tuna Roast. Players can craft these dishes using a diverse range of ingredients, unleashing their creativity to satisfy hunger and boost energy levels in the game.

Your culinary journey starts with gathering different ingredients in various ways, like farming, foraging and fishing. Players may also find some ingredients to their liking in the Supermarket. Each ingredient has unique flavors and properties, encouraging players to explore the diversity of resources in Harvest Valley.

From harvesting ripe vegetables that grow in your fields to catching exquisite fish, you can unleash your creativity using the gathered ingredients to create dishes that not only satisfy hunger but also provide valuable boosts to your energy levels and performance. So, gather your ingredients, fire up the stove, and let your culinary imagination run wild in the flavorful world of Harvest Valley!


  1. Cooking station available in player's house

  2. Combine ingredients using intuitive UI for cooking

  3. Recipes provided for guidance

  4. Cooked foods provide higher energy boost than raw ingredients

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