Like farming, fishing is one of the earliest activities you can perform in Harvest Valley. Of course, by fishing you can catch fishes that you can use as an ingredient in your cooking or trade them for gold. Fishes, like crops, are one of the earliest in-game resources that you can gather.

Fishing in Harvest Valley is a fun and rewarding activity that adds depth to your farming experience. It requires patience, precision and quick reflexes. You can purchase a fishing rod at the supermarket to get started. As you cast the rod into the water body, the rod signals you by shaking or by sound which is the part where your quick reflexes will come in handy. Players have to react quickly once they get signaled by the rod or the fish may escape.


  1. Fishing with a purchased rod.

  2. Retrieving rod upon shaking or sound alert.

  3. Options to sell fish for gold or consume for energy.

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