Paymaster on Libera

Paymaster on Libera revolutionises the handling of gas fees across the platform's ecosystem, including the Marketplace, Launchpad and Gaming platform. Traditionally, gas fees on Ethereum-based platforms are settled exclusively in Ether (ETH).

However, with Paymaster, users gain the flexibility to utilise various ERC-20 tokens like USDC, USDT and HOLD to cover gas costs. In the Marketplace, whether buying, selling NFTs, offering, and accepting offer users can choose from a range of ERC-20 tokens to pay gas fees, enhancing convenience and expanding payment options. Similarly, on the Launchpad, when minting NFTs users have the flexibility to use their preferred ERC-20 tokens for gas fee payments. While minting the digital assets of games, players will be able to use available ERC-20 tokens for payment as gas fee.

Available ERC-20 tokens for Paymaster:

  1. USDC

  2. USDT

  3. HOLD

More tokens are coming soon

This innovative approach not only offers users greater flexibility in managing their transaction costs but also promotes the utility and adoption of ERC-20 tokens within the Libera ecosystem. Paymaster facilitates seamless transactions while accommodating diverse user preferences, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience on Libera.

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