In Harvest Valley, players cultivate crops using provided seeds, nurture them with a hoe and watering regularly. Each seed adheres to its own growth timeline, where they progress through various stages of development before reaching maturity. This growth cycle is integral to your overall farming experience as you must observe your crops as they grow overtime. After each in-game day(one day passes after you sleep on your bed and wake up), your crops visibly advance in their growth stages. Your farm will be very useful to you, as cultivating crops is one of the primary activities of the game that players can engage in. It serves as a pivotal starting point, giving you access to essential resources.

Once you harvest your crops, your hard work pays off as you can engage in trade to earn gold. Farming is done using tools and seeds, so with the gold you gain, you can buy superior seeds from the shop and farm with those seeds. And obviously, you can buy tools from the shop using gold as well or buy materials that help you craft specific tools. This sets a straightforward progression mechanism that you can easily understand, serving as a gateway for further advancement.


1. Players acquire seeds for farming, using a hoe to till the soil.

2. After planting, proper watering is required to foster seed growth.

3. Each seed follows a distinct growth timeline, ripening for harvest at varying intervals.

4. Players can see this growth every day after waking up.

5. Players can only farm on certain tiles, called farm plots.

6. Players have the option to sell harvested fruits for gold or consume them to replenish energy levels.

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