How Exploration Works

In Harvest Valley, exploration is one of key activities for players. The entire game is based on a premise of exploration and adventures. Exploration offers players the opportunity to uncover hidden treasures, gather valuable resources, battle enemies and discover the expansive pixelated world of Harvest Valley. There are different areas, each with their own set of challenges and rewards.

1. Outer Area: Offering fewer enemies, limited resources, and reduced risk, the outer area provides a relatively safe and tranquil environment for players to explore and gather materials.

2. Inner Area: Presenting greater challenges with increased enemy encounters, abundant rare resources, and heightened risks, the inner area beckons adventurers seeking greater rewards amidst greater danger.

3. Deep Area: Delving into the depths, players confront even more perilous foes, including all previous enemies, as they brave the treacherous terrain in search of ultimate rewards.

4. Nighttime Exploration: Under the cloak of darkness, the world becomes more hostile, with increased enemy presence and heightened damage, challenging players to navigate the dangers of the night while pursuing their objectives.

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